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woodland fairy stilt walkers

Fairies, Unicorns, and Mermaids have become exceedingly popular in the past few years, but it doesn’t stop there…

Simply pick your theme and let us do the rest. We might even suggest things you haven’t even thought about, like four-legged stilt walkers, singers inside huge bird cages, or a mermaid who can pour champagne from a trapeze, sound interesting? The world of events is inspired to make your dreams a reality, whether it be a huge festival for thousands of people or a small private party with friends and family, we can assure you our entertainment will be the cherry on top.

With our specially designed and sourced costumes and our unique performers, we can provide the perfect package for your event. We’ve done themes from Woodland fantasy, Mad Max, Underwater theme, and Alice in Wonderland.

All year round there is a range of themes and designs we can create, even movie-themed parties where you can have a celebrity lookalike. Take your guests to Vegas with a casino evening, roulette tables, and showgirls, or across to Bollywood and have dancers and fire breathers. We want to make your event one of a kind so get in touch and we can discuss your dream themes!

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