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Woodland fairies

Our one-of-a-kind woodland fairies are custom made, especially for us, and have been made to look high-class and flawless. This unique costume can offer an array of different performers including ballerinas, stilt walkers, walkabout, meet and greet, and high-end podium dancers. Not only will you not have seen them before, but you will not see them anywhere else, handmade and a beautiful color combination they are truly not to be missed out on.

This costume has appeared at corporate Christmas parties, private west-end members-only clubs, and private events at beautiful venues, one great aspect of this costume is that it’s LED so they won’t disappear into the evening, they just get better. The beautiful delicate lights add to their elegance and guests will be in awe of them, wanting to have a look and take photos. The woodland fairies are adaptable, unique and a one of-a-kind costume, perfect for picture moments, social media opportunities, and a great costume with any fantasy theme.

We pride ourselves on creating the best experience for our clients and in doing so we offer high end costumes, nothing you will have seen before and specifically tailor-made for us provided to you.

Our woodland fairies are picture perfect, ideal for themed parties and high-class events, they are ballerinas with a twist, stilt walkers with elegance, and dancers with grace. Book these beautiful costumes and you will not be disappointed.

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