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As an entertainment agency we can cover all themes when it comes to performers, but stilt performers have that certain wow factor in costumes that does not happen anywhere else, simply because they are about 9 feet up! The bigger the costume the bigger the performer and we can provide so many different themes. If you want two legged, four-legged, peg legs or bouncy stilts we can provide it for you.

Our Stilt walkers have been all over the country and abroad to perform at all kinds of events, New Years, Valentines, Easter, Summer, Freshers, Halloween, Christmas we can provide costumes for all.

Stilt walkers are an eye-catching addition to your event, promoting picture taking and guest interaction, Stilt Walkers can do walkabouts, meet and greets, dance floor interaction and much more, they are not only larger than life characters but they are a great way to get your guests interacting.

Stilt walkers are a highly sort after form of entertainment, we can supply all kinds of costumes and themes throughout the year and our stilt walkers are trained to conquer stairs, steps, slopes, outdoor and indoor types of terrain. All ages enjoy Stilt Walkers from children’s parties for example, frozen, Alice in wonderland, animal theme, superheroes, to adult parties for example circus, masquerade balls, carnival, festival, LED, the list is endless.

LED Stilts has come around quite popular recently, giving events that next level stilt walking experience. As it turns dark our LED stilt walkers will not fade away into the darkness but become the centre attraction. Not only does it look great in photos, but it gets your guests talking, posing for photos, videos and spreading the word. We can offer all different types of themes and lots of colour combinations. We even have a light up Stilt Walking Christmas tree and a Christmas fairy with fully lit LED wings. So, any concerns you have about performers not being seen we’ve already thought of ways around it.

If you’re wanting something to fit a theme or an act to be able to move a little quicker we can suggest our highly interactive bouncy stilts! Bouncy Stilts are designed to wow guests with tricks, flips, high jumps, running, skipping and all sorts. We would highly recommend bouncy stilts for any event throughout the year looking to fill a larger space and to interact more with guests or engage with passers-by. For example Bouncy clowns on Halloween to really cause a scare, bunny bouncys for Alice in wonderland or perhaps, jesters for a circus theme. The bouncy stilts will always get people to stop and watch because its not everyday you see an 8-foot performer on stilts doing a backflip. Its something different its something incredibly fun so enquire today.

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