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Mirror Men

Mirror Man

Mirror Man, is someone with mirrored-self misidentification, i.e. unable to recognize himself in a mirror.

Entertain your guests with this dynamic pair. The perfect way to meet and greet your guests upon arrival is with our Mirror Men.

These cheeky chaps are real show stoppers, always up to no good and ready to steal the limelight. The way they shine in the lights and dazzle up your event will be the talk of the town.

Our smart Mirror Men are in suits made up of hundreds of light reflective mosaic pieces, ready to catch the light at any angle. Both are sporting spectacular mirrored top hats. One has a monocle and cane and the other has a cheeky mirror mustache.

These costumes will dazzle from every angle so you won’t miss a single dance move the guys bust out. Our Mirror Men love to dance the night away keeping your guest entertained.

They are always ready to pose for those Instagram-able photos!

Why not book the Mirror Men alongside the Mirror Ballerina to create a dazzling trio?

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