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Mirror Ballerina

Mirror Ballerina

If you’re looking for something super unique our Mirror Ballerina is breathtaking. She can guide you like a Swan through your guests and welcome all with a sparkle. She will be available to take beautifully posed photos with your guests.

Our Ballerina can dance for you on pointe executing delicate ballet moves such as Petit Jeté, Pas de Chat, and Attitude.

From the top of her bun to the tips of her toes she is the epitome of an elegant Ballerina. With a new twist to the classics tutu, hundreds of light reflective mosaic pieces make up our exquisite Ballerinas costume so she will dazzle at any event.

She is also a clockwork ballerina and you can wind up her key to see her exciting ballet moves shine before you.

Why not book the Mirror Ballerina alongside the Mirror Men to create a dazzling trio, our agents can wind her up and show her off!

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