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Goblet Martini Glass

Goblet Martini Glass

Step into the mystical world of the goblet, we love a theme here at pearl creative and what better prop to be more versatile than this bespoke made goblet? Complete with a gold base and embellishments of snake like the detail the goblet comes with a leaf design, a rhinestoned bowl base, and a custom-designed ladder for the performer to gracefully and safely get in and out. The goblet can light up the night as an LED piece or light up the night with Fire, uniquely having a fire rim around the bowl.

Love the goblet and want it at your event? Here is the beauty of the goblet… It’s so versatile you can choose whether it’s fire, LED, or water, you can even put confetti in the basin or do a glitter or champagne pour. Here are some of the out of the box themes the goblet can provide… Game of Thrones, Mythical Greek, Egyptian, Aqua-man underwater theme, Enchanted Forest, Creature Feature at Halloween. We are oozing with ideas so just ask one of our team and we can discuss how to make the goblet perfect for your event.

If you are looking for something to make your event stand out, this is certainly a showstopper. The giant martini goblet… Standing tall and standing out its unique statuesque appearance has a powerful presence. A giant martini glass creates a classy and elegant style at any event, but our giant goblet which is the only one in the UK has been designed for a presence like no other.

New to our prop collection the goblet is a modern twist on the classic martini glass burlesque prop. Offering Fire LED and water. The goblet not only provides its stage but it creates an atmosphere and looks stunning. The goblet provides a high-impact act with a fire performer, contortionist, LED performer, or dancer. It’s also a fantastic photo opportunity and works as a stunning backdrop.

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