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Do you have a large floor space? Are you after an act to represent Cirque de Soleil? Would you like a very talented circus performer who can put on an exciting show? Well if you tick all those boxes we can offer you a cyr wheel performer. Not seen at your everyday bottomless brunch, this is a step up into the high end world of circus performing. Showcasing circus at its best, a mix of technical and acrobatic style its gracefulness will bring elegance and class to your event.

This acrobatic discipline is an incredibly technical skill and is perfect for ceremonies, events in large halls, corporate dinners, Christmas parties, event spaces… the list goes on. The performer spins and tricks their way round in a metal circle sounds hard right? Well they certainly make it look easy! Effortless and graceful the cyr wheel is great for a showstopper at any event.

The cyr wheel will be sure to captivate all kinds of audiences of all ages. It is not only visually impressive but it will be the talk of the night. Bring Cirque de Soleil to your event and let your audiences be wow’d by the magical cyr wheel.

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