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LED Freestanding Cube

LED Freestanding Cube

Introducing the UK’s only Freestanding Aerial LED Cube! Completely dazzling, this stunning aerial act offers incredible entertainment that is visually engaging and unique.

The Freestanding Cube can provide performances with one or two aerial acts with a choice of freestyle sets of show-stopping acts. A set choreographed act is 5-7 minutes in length using mesmerizing aerial acrobatics and dance.

Creating a real statement, The LED Cube will light up your event with a choice of three lighting modes :

– Static (LED’s always on)

– Freestyle program (a mix of flashing patterns)

– Music mode (all LED’s moving in time to your music)

The Freestanding Aerial Cube requires no rigging and no wiring making this a great hassle-free Aerial option for all events.

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