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Halloween Themes

Halloween THEMES

Vampires, Wolves, Ghouls and Ghosts, witches and wizards, and things that scare you the most!

From haunted houses to outdoor pumpkin picking, we have the perfect entertainment for the spookiest month of the year! Fire performances and face painting, snake charmers, and contortionists. We cater the event to your venue, so, contact us and we can give you a spooktacular experience to remember.

We can help provide a more child-friendly approach to daytime events with giant stilt walking skeletons or treat giving pumpkins, then when the sun sets, we love to go all out with blood shows, angle grinding vampires, scare actors, walkabout zombies, and grim reapers.

We can also provide professional face painting and special effects artists to get your staff ready for the night or to makeover your guests during the event.

We pride ourselves on providing entertainers with the utmost professionalism who dedicate their work to the arts. Our number one priority is you and your guests and how we can make them feel. So contact us and we can discuss your event in detail, to give you a Halloween you’ll never forget.

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