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Gold painted Fairies

Gold painted Fairies

Here at pearl creative we are always thinking outside the box. We want to provide unique entertainment to our clients and always offer something new and innovative. Gold theme has a lot of options when it comes to events, you think of … Bond, Greek goddess, Landmark Birthday, Elegance, Awards Ceremony, Champagne, and many more which come to mind. We have had designed and created a one of kind costume piece for high end events for the UK and internationally.

A modern enchanted twist on the classic bond girl We would like to introduce our golden girl fairies. Enchanted Golden Fairies? … A mix of class, enchantment, beauty, and mystery all in one dazzling costume. Our one of a kind costume will sure to be an eye catching moment during your event. Covered head to toe in gold our girls will encourage photo opportunities and create a magical atmosphere like no other Our golden fairies are available for meet and greets, stilt walking, walkabout and podium dancing. The possibilities are endless, if you own a rooftop bar or a garden theme restaurant or making a one of a kind event from scratch our golden fairies will be a beautiful addition.

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