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Disco Ball Heads

Disco Ball Heads

The 70s was the era of disco, flared trousers, the Beegees, and big ole hair, and what else was iconic? The disco ball! Always at the center of every dance floor, shining beams of light across the whole room. There wasn’t a club or a bar back then that didn’t have the iconic disco ball! The disco ball has been a big part of the entertainment industry for a long time. When you think dance floor or party the disco ball was always the first thing you notice walking onto the dance floor! This brings us to our disco ball heads.

The forever growing popularity of the disco ball heads will be a dazzling touch to your event. Our disco balls will create that statement entrance to any dance floor, or stage. Whether the event is a disco theme, futuristic theme, or just a fabulous birthday party the disco balls will bring class and a certain buzz to the dance floor. Dressed head to toe in sparkle dancers will light up any room and encourage your guests to get up and dance. Disco ball heads are becoming more and more popular, they are a spectacle and something you don’t see at your standard party. They elevate the dance floor and encourage guests to take photos and videos the perfect way for interaction and something for your guests to talk about. We have had the pleasure of providing disco ball heads to some very high end events, clubs, small private events, and many more since they have risen in popularity and our wonderfully talented professional dancers will cause a stir on the dance floor with their matching silver suits. You can also customize the costume to suit the theme you want with our huge range of costumes.

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