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Choreographed dance shows

Choreographed dance shows

Welcome to our choreographed dance page! Our team of highly skilled dancers and choreographers have years of experience in creating stunning and memorable dance routines that will leave your guests talking for weeks to come.

We offer a wide variety of choreographed dance performances to suit any event or theme. Whether you’re looking for a high-energy, upbeat routine for a corporate event, or a romantic and elegant routine for a wedding reception, we’ve got you covered.

Our most popular performances include:

Contemporary Dance: This style of dance combines elements of ballet, modern, and jazz to create a fluid, expressive routine that is perfect for any event. Our contemporary dance routines are often performed to popular music and are guaranteed to entertain your guests.

Hip-Hop Dance: For a high-energy and upbeat performance, our hip-hop dance routines are a great choice. Our dancers are trained in the latest hip-hop styles and can create a routine that will have your guests on their feet and dancing along.



Spanish-inspired Dance: This style of dance is influenced by the traditional dances of Spain such as flamenco, salsa, and tango. Our performers wear Spanish styled costumes and use props such as fans or castanets in their routines. The choreography is characterized by strong, sharp movements, and the dancers will often perform in a group formation. This is perfect for themed events, cultural events, and other occasions that require a traditional and expressive performance.

In addition to these popular styles, we also offer other dance performances such as Bollywood, Commercial, showgirl and more. Our team is always happy to work with you to create a custom routine that fits your event and theme perfectly. Choreographed dance shows are a unique and exciting form of performance that can showcase a variety of different dance styles and techniques. Each style features its own unique flair and appeal and is designed to showcase the dancers’ technical skill and creativity. With the variety of styles available, choreographed dance shows are a great way to experience different cultures, emotions, and stories through the art of dance.



All of our performances are fully choreographed and rehearsed, and our dancers are professional, experienced, and dedicated to ensuring that your event is a success. Contact us today to book your performance and make your event one to remember!

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