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When it comes to a show-stopping performance there is no better way to do so other than to have an aerial entertainer. Aerialists are a great way to provide a stunning center focus to your event, whether it be a champagne-pouring hoop performer meet and greet or a spectacular centerpiece silks act, there is a lot of choice when it comes to aerial performance.

Our performers dedicate hours and hours of training to be at the top of their game, we can cater to all types of heights, themes, and locations. Our aerialists will give your event the class and elevation it needs.

When it comes to aerial performance there is a lot more choice than you might think for example here are some of the acts we can provide: the elegant style of aerial where your performer will be hanging in the air, beauty with jaw-dropping tricks and splits high up in the air, silk performers are a beautiful addition to a show and a center focus attraction.

Hoop – Hoop can be adaptable, and hoop can also offer the option of a double act, if you don’t have the rigging, the hoop can be provided on a ‘lollipop frame’ or it can be hung from an ‘A Frame’ perfectly adaptable if you’d love to have an aerial performer. Hoop performers are mesmerizing as they move around a small hoop and create beautiful lines and flexible tricks.

Chain – Something you don’t see every day; chain is a more dangerous-looking aerial act and a jaw-dropping performance to watch. Rigged from a high point chain is a rare act to see, so having a chain performer would not be forgotten easily.

Double Acts – We can offer hoop double acts and cube double acts, if one performer is not enough on an aerial apparatus then how about two? Choreographed to perfection double acts will train together to create a beautifully choreographed piece up in the air.

Hair Hang – This one-of-a-kind act is not one you come across every day, more for the adult parties we recommend a hair hang performer as the stunning shapes and spins will leave your guests talking a long time after the event.
Trapeze – Known as a classic circus aerial act, trapeze has been around for a long time, along with the strong men, the lion tamers, and the circus clowns. Trapeze can be a static act and watch the performer wrap herself beautifully around the rope and the bar below. High tricks and low tricks are performed on the trapeze and it gives you that classic circus feels.

Freestanding A-frame – Perhaps you don’t have a rigging point but want an aerial performer, well look no further because we can offer aerial from an A-frame which looks like it sounds and the performer can perform in the center of the frame. A-frames are also great for interaction with guests and can also be hired out to do circus workshops.

Looking for something a little different or something you would not have thought of? We can offer Alternative aerial performances such as an aerial moon shape, aerial Spider web, aerial Cube, aerial net, aerial rope, and an LED hoop. Something you do not see every day but something which might fit the theme your after.

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