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Aerial Birdcage


This one of a kind custom made prop has a few unique features that set it apart from anything you would have seen before.

 The birdcage not only features a rig point inside the cage for aerial props but the entire cage itself can be suspended into the air as an aerial prop too, making this the perfect prop for socially distanced performances for inside or outside events. In addition to that, the birdcage features a trap door in the base that can be used during a performance for aerial silks/ropes to cascade down from the suspended cage for a show stopping finale! Alternatively, it can be used as a floor prop too, and still be equally as impressive.

We can create bespoke performances on request if you have a specific concept in mind, or you can hire the prop for live shows and various occasions as event decor or a photo booth for guests to pose inside, it even comes with a detachable decorative cameo frame for you to add your own personal logo too or companies branding for a more personalized experience

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